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Research communication

The NCS will accept its social responsibility, in the same way as companies assume their corporate social responsibility. This places demands on the choice of research areas, on collaboration between research and practice, and on research communication.

The centre will

  • Work actively to strengthen research communication. The centre will invite all interested and relevant participants to take part in a development project with the working title
    “Research news for teachers and pedagogues”.
  • Develop new methods of research communication based on the fact that research communication is not a one-way activity, but rather that it can be perceived as a co-production activity in which practitioners have a separate role but are just as active as researchers.
  • Initiate a digital, peer-reviewed NCS journal series, which will publish research reports etc. generated by NCS projects.
  • Strengthen collaboration between universities and university colleges, so that different perspectives and possibilities are utilised.
  • Host and arrange an annual national education conference at which the centre will set the agenda for the debate on education in Denmark based on current research results and with the participation of international guests interacting with other stakeholders.