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The Danish National Centre for School Research (Schools and childcare Centres) (NCS) is a collaborative venture established in 2016. It is a research centre at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, and it is established in close collaboration with VIA University College. The centre is home to a national research partnership whose aim is to:

  • Strengthen Danish research into childcare centres and schools.
  • Contribute to better coordination and closer cooperation.
  • Ensure that this research benefits childcare centres and schools throughout the country, and is communicated to them.


The mission of the National Centre for School Research is to supply research which, in a binding collaboration between research institutions and between researchers and practitioners, helps to strengthen the professional practice and professional judgment of teachers, childcare professionals, managers, administrations and politicians – this being a prerequisite for strengthening the learning, development and well-being of children and pupils in childcare centres and schools.


The vision of the National Centre for School Research is that, five years after the establishment of the centre in 2016, the work of the centre should contribute to closer and more binding collaboration between research environments than when the centre was established; and that the interaction between educational research, university colleges and professional practice in schools and childcare centres and in municipal and national educational administrations is just as constructive, natural and mutually respectful as it is in other professions.