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Game-Based Learning i det 21. århundrede

Rapid technological and societal changes create demands, which require students to develop competences beyond “the basics” in preparing them for future challenges. In spite of this urgent demand, the Danish school system has limited focus on the development of students’ 21st century skills.

This project takes a design-based and multi-methodological approach to address this challenge by facilitating Game-Based Learning (GBL) through a large-scale and high-impact intervention.

Research questions: How can students’ motivation and 21st century skills be developed through GBL in the subjects Danish, Math and Science in the 5th and 7th grade? And how can this evidence be used to further develop GBL materials, design principles, and assessment tools that support 21st century skills?

The project will be carried out at 20 schools across 5 municipalities by experienced scientists in cooperation with university colleges and companies to ensure implementation and further use of the innovation.

Totalt budget: kr. 17.201.502

Ansøgt fra Innovationsfonden: kr. 10.472.543

Deltagende institutioner: Institut for Læring og Filosofi, AAU; NCS, DPU, AU; UCC; VIA; Build a World; Institute of Play; KMD; Clio Online