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Evidence-Informed School Development - Results, Knowledge and Ideas

Open seminar - presentations by Lars Qvortrup, Professor, Aarhus University and Chris Brown, Professor, University of Portsmouth. To be held in Emdrup 6. december 2018.

25.06.2018 | Helle Klareskov

Dato tor 06 dec
Tid 13:00 16:00
Sted DPU Emdrup, Building D, Room 174


13.00-13.15: Welcome and introduction

13.15-13.45: Professor Lars Qvortrup: “Evidence-informed School Improvement – Results from Denmark”.

Abstract: In Denmark, a project based on the assumption that access to school data, research results and team based competence development will improve teaching practices started in 2015. The project includes 13 municipalities with 240 schools, a little less than 10,000 professionals (teachers, pedagogues and school leaders, and approximately 80,000 students. In September 2015 data from all students, professionals and parents were collected. The data collection was repeated in September 2017. Comparing data from 2015 and 2017 demonstrates that investments in professional capital pay off, but also that the results depend on the different municipal contexts. In the presentation the main results will be presented and discussed.

14.00-15.00: Professor Chris Brown: “Evidence-Informed School Improvement - Results, knowledge and ideas”.

Abstract: Children and students deserve the best education possible, so what role is there for universities to help improve teaching and learning in schools and educational settings? This lecture introduces the notion of evidence-informed practice (Walker, 2017) and explores the benefits that occur when we successfully connect academic research to education practice (e.g. Rose, 2017). The lecture will also present understanding and ideas for how best to close research to practice gap (Graves and Moore, 2017) as well as present case studies of successful initiatives in this area, including the notion of Research Learning Communities (Brown, 2017).

15.15-16.00: Discussion, questions and answers

Date and Time: 06.12.2018, kl. 13.00-16.00

Location: DPU Emdrup, Building D, Room 174

Introductory speakers: Professor Lars Qvortrup & Professor Chris Brown

Language: English

Participation is free, but registration is required

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